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IT infrastructure Outsourcing

Guiding your business outcomes through technology

Day-to-day management of your infrastructure and

operations to enable agility and scalability.

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Our offerings

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

Data centre and IT infrastructure outsourcing

IT infrastructure outsourcing includes a wide range of services, such as data centre outsourcing, technical refresh, vendor management and emerging technologies.

Our services in data centre relocation include, but are not limited to:

  • End-to-end data relocation from a competent and experienced team
  • Application dependency and mapping, which includes a thorough environmental analysis
  • We ensure an accelerated data migration, which will ensure quicker utilization of your new technology and infrastructure
  • Quality assurance. We guarantee risk and impact reduction to the organization during the transition process

Data centre outsourcing

A reliable data centre is a necessity of any business, but professional standards of data centre management can take up a lot of time. Most successful companies capitalise on the possibilities of data centre outsourcing, and NSW Asia Pte Ltd is a qualified provider in this field.
Data centre outsourcing is an extensive service involving the manipulation of your data towards the goal of maximum efficiency, which can even include data centre relocation – which is one of the most complicated projects we consistently succeed with. By outsourcing the care of your data centre to us, you can sit back while we deal with a complete technology refresh, server and systems administration and relocation if needed, and data centre hosting.

Why choose NSW Asia Pte Ltd for your data centre relocation?

Being experts in data centre relocation, our team sets a goal to deliver only the highest quality results. These results have contributed to the fast growth of the companies we work with, increasing consistency and performance levels and enhancing internal communication between departments. Successful data centre management is important because the chance of failure across the board is drastically decreased.

Our customized relocation services within data, application, and infrastructure migration help in averting redundant IT complexity. They improve scalability and achieve significant efficacy gain across any data centre environment.

Our competence and resources will meet and overcome the challenges which your business is facing. We can guide you through the whole process of data relocation in a trouble-free transition.

Need to Revamp your Business’ Technology?

Technology refresh

It’s not always easy to organise a technical refresh of the software on your computer. You need the help of qualified specialists, because it’s not something you can afford to make a mistake with.

The specialists of NSW Asia Pte Ltd can refresh the technology of your software. Simply put, you get the newest versions of all necessary programs, as well as high quality IT support.

If your website needs a technical refresh, ask our professionals to add new relevant content and visual effects. You might additionally need to update plugins and code. Don’t waste your time on reading about this and trying to figure it out yourself – directly contact our company to sort this out for you.

Avoid the Risk of Vendor Collaboration

Vendor Management

Vendor management is the part of IT outsourcing which helps companies to predict possible risks of collaboration with the other independent vendors all over the world.

NSW Asia Pte Ltd is able to predicts risks by using two world standards of vendor management: Standard Information Gathering and Agreed Upon Procedures. They can help you to understand the possible risks to your company and prevent them on time.

NSW Asia Pte Ltd has more than 12 years of experience in preventing risks in this field. Our specialists care about the reputation of their clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us to improve vendor management of your business.