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IT Automation Outsourcing

Guiding your business outcomes through technology

Day-to-day management of your infrastructure and

operations to enable agility and scalability.

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Our offerings

IT Automation Outsourcing

Take your app development to the next level; develop your application and automate processes to make your job easier.

Software development outsourcing is the best way to optimise the efficiency of a company with a significant digital presence, often directly increasing the number of paying customers. Effective outsourcing of IT development allows you to save funds within the company, better spent on future development, when compared to hiring developers full-time.

NSW Asia Pte Ltd work with all types of software development practices, such as Agile, SCRUM, Lean, Waterfall, Prototype and Incremental, and, considering which one is more appropriate to your corporate culture and business structure, apply the most appropriate method.

NSW Asia Pte Ltd focuses on two main working areas of software development – application outsourcing, and sharepoint administration.

Application Management Outsourcing

Application outsourcing and management

Application outsourcing includes a comprehensive list of IT services. The most popular services are management of existing applications and custom application development.

Looking for application management solutions? You can maximise your business’ efficiency by streamlining your workflow on various applications. NSW Asia Pte Ltd’s priority is to help you to manage your applications effectively .

Our integrated support provides an ideal platform for monitoring and upgrading your applications. NSW Asia Pte Ltd can help to eliminate excess costs, providing the highest level of efficiency. We offer trusted configurations with faster, easier and lower-cost platforms for all your customers’ benefit. At NSW Asia, we’re always on the move to obtain new back-end IT resources and technology for optimal service-enabling applications.

Custom application development

Experts of NSW Asia Pte Ltd pay special attention to each online business, product and client. This leads us to the development of remarkably customisable application platforms. Our custom application development solutions are able to meet the specific requirements of all our customers. We make sure to keep mobile compatibility in mind when building applications and platforms, to reach the broadest customer base.

We generate the best ideas and strategies for convenient customization by brainstorming with your team. This unique customisation solution produces a stunning effect on your online business. We adapt the customisation solutions in order to suit everything from start-ups to large-scale established enterprises. We create attractive, feature-rich and appealing customized app solutions that give users an amazing shopping or user experience.

SharePoint Services Administration

SharePoint administration

‘SharePoint services’ implies management functions, online services and shared documents; it should be an important point of focus in every organization. This process can’t be completed without a person directly responsible for it, which is why you would do well to aquire a SharePoint administrator on-demand, who will be responsible for content management platforms.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (or its abbreviation, MOSS) is a tool which undoubtedly helps creative teams to establish efficient communication and fruitful collaboration between members.

SharePoint administration is instrumental in preventing organisation issues. It is of course possible to succeed in this area though outsourcing services, but involvement of all the members of your team is also highly important. This guarantees that your programs are tailored to your day-to-day needs.

NSW Asia Pte Ltd. provides the SharePoint administration service which will improve productivity and collaboration within your company.