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Our Chief Information Officer & Chief Technology Officer Advisory offer a broad range of services, including the following:
IT Project Management & Execution Strategy
IT Strategy & Technology Planning
IT Transition & Transformation
Cloud & Data Centre Advisory
IT Operational Assessment & Performance
IT Governance
CIO Advisory
We provide a virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) for improving your IT services. This person will register in your company and work closely with your existing team. Working together they will easily identify key gaps where technology could be particularly useful. A professional CIO/CTO Officer ensures that your company fully uses its available resources to the fullest.
Most companies do not have anyone in the position of CIO/CTO advisor. Generally, it plays positive role for them as they don’t need this employer daily.  But it is still vital for any company to call on someone with an expert level of knowledge in the IT sphere when needed.
Every consultant of NSW Asia Pte Ltd is highly trained and has a high level of experience. This means that you can always rely on this person. Your virtual CIO/CTO advisor will be able to find your company’s individual needs in a short time and act accordingly.
Our CIO/CTO advisory service allows companies deal with various difficulties confidently. Prepare your bussiness for the successful future with help of qualified specialists.
The CIO’s key roles include:
Creating and implementing dedicated IT strategies for your company
Project leadership – both in planning and execution
CAPEX / OPEX Budgeting & ROI Risk Assessment
Mergers and Acquisitions Assessment
Contingency plans and business continuity planning
IT Audit & Review
Server Room & Data Centre Energy Audit & Review
Your CIO/CTO Advisors will be on hand whenever you need them. Be sure they know what is the best for your company in the long term perspective.

3 Core Services of the CIO/CTO Advisor
1. Technology modernization. 
It is our responsibility not only to create a structure for your future business or IT project, but also to implement it correctly.
2. IT cost optimization.
It is important to optimize your IT costs, if you want the structure of your business to work out and continue operating efficiently.
3. Application portfolio rationalization.
We are going to develop the structure of the applications, which would make your work more rational and time-saving.
Evaluate work of our advisor considering your customers’ feedback and their number before and after changes suggested by our CIO/CTO Advisor.

Server Room & Data Centre Consultancy

We act as your trusted advisor in the following topics:
Server Room and Data Centre Relocation
Data Centre Consolidation and Migration
Data Centre Management
Expert Advisory on Server Room & Data Centre
Business Analyst
Data Centre Consultancy
Transition & Transformation, Planning and Execution
Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery Planning

Transition & Transformation

Step 1 Engage our Expert to do your Transition.
Step 2 We will act as your Transition & Transformation and Service Delivery Manager.
Key Deliverables:
Diligence Report & Assessment Site Survey
SWOT and Business Analysis
Negotiation SLA
Operational Risk Profiling & Assessment
Transition Plan & Service Delivery Plan
Action Plan & Project Plan
Project Analyst
CAPEX / OPEX Budgeting & ROI Risk Assessment
Workforce Planning
Review of ICT Strategy and Governance Plan
Review of DRP / BCP Plan & Service Restoration Plan
Review of Process and Procedure
Rollout Plan & Blackout Plan
Server Room / Data Centre Consolidation & Relocation Plan
Application Compatibility Report & Assessment
Data Centre Migration Plan
Software & Application Migration Plan
Test Analysis
Project Recovery Plan
Communication Plan
Dispute & Conflict Resolution
Service Recovery Plan
Exit Plan

Virtual IT Director & vCIO
Our Virtual IT Director and Virtual CIO service will provide you with the full expertise and capability of an experienced IT professional, ensuring your success at board level through strategic investment and use of technology.
Embracing Digital Transformation
Forward thinking organisations are increasingly looking to digital advancements and new technologies in order to grow and survive in a competitive business environment. But choosing the right technologies, services, processes and people to achieve digital transformation can be risky, time consuming and costly.
With the expertise of our Virtual IT Director, we’ll ensure that your ICT strategy forms a solid platform to aid future growth and success. We will help minimise risks, maximise efficiency and plan to achieve your business goals.
Why Choose a Virtual CIO (vCIO)?
Typically, SME companies do not have the benefit of a board level representative with a strong blend of commercial, leadership and technology skills to direct the process of digital transformation.
Primarily, this is often due to the cost of employing such an individual and the business requirements not necessitating a full-time position. A Virtual CIO is an ideal solution.
Whether you’re an ambitious start-up, SME or commercial enterprise, our Virtual IT Directors can help. With proven skills across a wide range of sectors, we have the experience to design and implement the services, solutions and strategy to deliver a wide range of business goals.
Responsible for ensuring all elements of technology work well together, we’ll make sure your ICT is strategically sound and above all, provides a measured return on investment.
How You’ll Benefit From our Virtual CIO Services
Our Virtual CIO will be a fully present and active member of your team, available at key business meetings and responsible for driving positive change to help you maximise the opportunities ICT enables.
The key benefits to our Virtual CIO services includes:
Cost effective alternative to an IT Director – less overheads and HR issues
Development of a technology roadmap in line with business needs
Independent consultancy and technical advice at all levels from operations up to boardroom
Informed ICT decision-making and strategic guidance based on business goals and growth
Cost reduction through procurement support and best management of spend
Accountability for a positive return on your ICT investments
How a Virtual CIO Can Help
Budget and cost control – understand the full picture of your IT expenditure and ensure any future spend is based on a measured return on investment.
Decision making – technical and commercial experience will help you make informed decisions to shape the future growth of your business.
Communication skills – many SMEs don’t understand technical language but do understand commercials. Engaging with Air-IT’s Virtual CIO will ensure you have someone that can interpret technical jargon into commercially meaningful language.
Stay ahead of the curve – our vCIO will proactively keep your business ahead of technology curves ensuring you are always aware of the latest advancements and if appropriate, present a business case for their adoption.
Data management – the management of an organisation’s data is a vital role where confidentiality, integrity and availability are critical to success. A vCIO will leave no stone unturned to ensure the protection of your data with the correct policies and procedures implemented and managed going forward.
Project management – IT projects need not be undertaken at risk if the team responsible are experienced and capable. A virtual CIO will take the lead and overall responsibility for the implementation of IT projects to mitigate risk and ensure success.
Scale up or down to suit – our services are extremely flexible and can be configured to suit your business in terms of time and budget accordingly. Hiring a skilled IT Director on a full-time or interim basis can be a costly exercise. Engaging with one of our virtual CIO’s is immediate and requires no up-front fees.